Developments concerning posting in road transport on 02 February 2022

The reporting formalities for a posting in the road transport sector will change shortly, in application of Directive 2020/1057 (known as “lex specialis”). As in the other countries of the European Union, these rules will apply in France from 2 February 2022 ( LAW no. 2021-1308 of 8 October 2021).

What will be the main changes ?

Posting of road drivers for the performance of a transport contract, which constitute the majority of posting situations in the ground freight or passenger transport sector will be covered by a harmonised reporting interface, connected to the Internal Market Information System (“IMI”) and the rules on the documents to be submitted in the event of control also change. The transmission of additional documents will no longer be done through a representative in France but directly via a portal connected to the «IMI» system, accessible to the various supervisory authorities.