Updated situation in France (11 June 2020)

On 10 June, FNTR received the following clarifications from national authorities: drivers do not have to present a declaration that certifies the absence of Covid-19 symptoms, nor the lack of contact with a positive case. The Decree of 31 May sets out a declaration of lack of symptoms which is only mandatory for air passengers, and optional for sea and inland waterway passengers. Moreover, road transport workers are not obligated to obtain a declaration from the client that certifies that their work cannot be postponed.

Updated situation in France (8 April 2020)

On 7 April, the French Ministry of Interior published one additional certificate with three variations (to be used according to which type of travel is done) that must be used by people to justify their international movements. The three variations of the certificate cover the following cases and can be downloaded here:

- Travel from mainland France to French overseas territories
- Travel from abroad to mainland France
- Travel from abroad to French overseas territory

Following extensive discussions with national associations and competent authorities, IRU recommends companies to provide drivers with one of the certificates above, plus the written document justifying any movement (“attestation de déplacement”) and the certificate for professionals (“Justificatif de déplacement professionnel”). Forms can be downloaded in both French and English by clicking on the hyperlink above. Duly filled forms must be given to the driver before the start of the operations; the driver must present them at the border.
Controls on certificates started on 00:00 of 8 April.

According to the French national collective agreement for road transport and auxiliary activities in the field of transport, the minimum wage of truck drivers over 3.5 tonnes, carrying out international transport operations, increased to 10.39 euros gross / hour, starting from March 2020.

According to the National Collective Convention, the hourly wage varies according to the age as indicated below:

1) when framing = 10.39 euros gross / hour
2) after two years old = 10,5978 gross euros / hour (+ 2%)
3) after 5 years old = 10.8056 euros gross / hour (+ 4%)
4) after 10 years old = 11,0134 gross euros / hour (+ 6%)
5) after 15 years old = 11.2212 euros gross / hour (+ 8%)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak – updated situation in France

France (March 19, 2020)

As from 17 March, 12:00, and for 15 days, new measures have entered into force to limit activities and public gatherings in order to limit the effect of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. A national lockdown has been declared. People are allowed out only for emergencies, to buy food or for work (a written document must justify any movement). Freight transport is exempt from the movement restrictions. However, truck drivers should have the following document with them.

ATTENTION: From 1 January 2020, the minimum wage in France will increase to 10.15 gross euro / hour.

According to the National collective bargaining agreement for road transport and auxiliary transport activities, the minimum wage of a truck driver for a vehicle more than 3.5 tones, performing international transport operations, is 10.21 euro gross/hour – group 7, coefficient 150M.
Also, the hourly wage varies according to seniority, as indicated below:

1) when hired = 10.21 euro gross / hour
2) after two years old = 10.4142 euro gross / hour (+ 2%)
3) after 5 years old = 10.6184 euro gross / hour (+ 4%)
4) after 10 years old = 10.8226 euro gross / hour (+ 6%)
5) after 15 years old = 11,0268 gross euro / hour (+ 8%)


ATTENTION: Starting from 1st of January 2019, the minimum wage in France increased to 10.03 euro / hour


Loi Macron is known as the law of minimum wage in France.
It was adopted by France in 2015 as the Law no. 2015-990 for economic growth, level playing field for economic opportunity and activity (Loi Macron) and it introduces the minimum wage in France.
Law Macron is available (only in French language) here

Loi Macron is also applicable to foreign road transport companies operating international road transport on the French territory (only transit operations being exempted), according to implementing Decree no. 2016-418 concerning the application of French minimum wage in transports field starting to 01.07.2016.



In order to respect the provisions of Loi Macron, foreign companies operating road transport on French territory should designate a representative in France, produce a certificate of posting for each driver who operates in France and pay the posted driver with the reference minimum wage in France.